Rosemary Essential Oil

Essential oils are concentrated steam-distilled extracts of a plant or its part. 

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Essential oils are concentrated steam-distilled extracts of a plant or its part. These retain the natural odor or ‘essence’ of their source and are volatile in nature.
Vasu Aromatics offers an exclusive range of such exotic oils, each one having specific benefits for mental and physical well-being of user.
Rosemary oil has pain-relieving properties; eases headache, muscular cramps and body aches. Very handy to use a day prior to long, vigorous exercise as it helps reduce muscular strain and stiffness. Effective in relieving respiratory problems – colds, sinusitis and congestion. Rosemary Oil is also used to alleviate dry hair, ease itchy scalp and treat dandruff.

Effective in relieving respiratory problems
Eases headache
Reduces muscular cramps and body aches
Eases itchy scalp and treats dandruff
Rosmarinus officinalis flower oil

Bath: Add a few drops to cold or lukewarm water. It induces a calming effect and will make you feel at ease.
Hair care: Adding a few drops to your shampoo and conditioner helps control dandruff.
Massage: Dilute it with suitable base oil like Sesame or Olive and massage over body to relax muscles, reduce cramps and stress-induced headaches.
Air freshener: Add a few drops into diffuser or vaporizer and let its pleasant aroma uplift your senses.
Inhalation: During steam inhalation, add a few drops to get relief in cold, nasal congestion and bronchitis

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. Close the bottle tightly after use. Keep away from children. Never use undiluted Rosemary Essential Oil over skin. Discontinue use if you suffer an allergic reaction. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water.
For External use only

Rosmarinus officinalis flower oil