Raja's Cup

Why choose coffee or caffeinated drinks when you can sip your way to health with our delicious all-natural beverages?

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Raja means king and the recipe used for this coffee substitute is exactly the same as that used by the kings of ancient India, who drank it to obtain bliss and good health. This highly concentrated powder can be boiled in water or milk and served with sugar according to taste. Raja's Cup is caffeine-free and is soothing yet gently reviving. It is a precise blend of four health-promoting ingredients - Clearing Nut, Coffee Senna, Liquorice and Aswagandha. It aids the digestion of fats and is beneficial after heavy meals. It is sealed in an aroma-safe way to preserve it full flavour.


Thousands of years ago in India, kings or Rajas enjoyed a warm and delicious beverage, prepared with renowned Ayurvedic herbs. Its rich-roasted flavour, naturally free from caffeine, made it a favourite way to wake up to a new day.


The sophisticated herbal recipe for Raja's Cup was lost to the world centuries ago and other drinks became fashionable, but now, as coffee drinkers everywhere search for an alternative, we can all enjoy this healthy, caffeine-free hot drink.


Raja's Cup has been recreated by the master physicians of Maharishi Ayurveda. Modern research is verifying the health benefits of Raja's Cup. It is a very powerful antioxidant - ; hundreds of times more effective against free radicals than vitamin C or E. Raja's Cup is more than a delicious, refreshing alternative to coffee - it's a health drink with rich-roasted flavour.


The Rajas - kings - of ancient India drank a nourishing Ayurvedic beverage for strength and overall well-being. Now you too can enjoy the health benefits and rich-roasted flavour of Rajas Cup. This coffee like drink is a precise blend of four health promoting herbal roots and seeds - Clearing Nut, Coffee Senna, Liquorice and Aswagandha. It give support to digestion of fats and is very beneficial after a heavy meal. 



A delicious coffee like blend of roots and seeds that has good antioxidant properties and supports digestion and mental faculties.

Caffeine free.


Published research shows that Raja's Cup has hundreds of times the antioxidant power of vitamin C or vitamin E. And it tastes delicious too! In a blind taste test, coffee drinkers thought that Rajas Cup was actually coffee. Caffeine-free, Raja's Cup can be enjoyed any time of day — after meals, at breakfast or before bed.


Strychnos potatorum - Clearing-Nut Tree

Senna occidentalis - Coffee senna

Glycyrrhiza glabra - Liquorice

Withania somnifera - Aswagandha


Method of Use: Infuse one teabag in boiling water and add milk & sugar to taste or boil the teabag in milk and add sugar to taste. Take 2-3 times daily.