Vetiver Bath Scrub

Vetiver Bath Scrub


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The vetiver bath scrub is a handmade natural utility made of vetiver grass roots. Vetiver is known for its subtle fragrance and anti-bacterial properties. Vetiver bath scrub is highly effective in improving blood circulation, loosening dead skin cells and making the skin soft, healthy and glowing.

It is a handmade bath scrub, due to its round shape fits easily in your hand thus suitable for exfoliating your skin in a gentle circular motion which gives better results, effectively removes dead skin cells, also loosens blockages thus reduces the chances of ingrown hairs. Being a natural product it does not harm your skin like plastic or other types of bath scrubs.

Vetiver also works as a natural antiseptic helps in skin allergies or inflammations. The charming fragrance of vetiver relaxes the entire body, gently relieves tension, great for grounding your emotions and connecting you with Mother Nature. The vetiver is a natural grass and is bio-degradable making the scrub a completely eco-friendly product.

It is user friendly and very easy to use. You can use it wet during bath or shower to exfoliate the entire body with great ease. Suitable to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and a nice option to give as a gift to your loved ones.

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