Pitta Oil 200ml Organic


A blend of potent herbs centred around three primary Pitta dosha balancing herbs: Brahmi, Manjishta, and Guduchi.

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Organic Pitta Oil 200ml Glass bottle

Pitta dosha balances around three primary herbs: Brahmi, Manjishta, and Guduchi. Brahmi is bitter and have cooling effects. The bitterness cleanses to the tissues and revitalising to the blood and nerves, while the cooling benefits inflamed Pitta dosha by dispelling accumulated heat in the blood and irritated areas of the skin. Manjishta is bitter too, but sweeter and cooling in effect. It positively effects blood, plasma, and muscles. Considered as the best blood purifying herbs in Ayurveda, Manjishta balances blood related functions, from the liver, spleen, and heart, deep into the marrow and out to the skin. Guduchi, though heating in effect doesn’t aggravates the Pitta dosha. As, its heating energy is directed at the disintegration and expulsion of ama, accumulated toxins, from the body, rather than at pitta. Thus it balances all doshas. Apart from these three, there other herbs too. Lavender and Passionflower are among them. Lavender along with its relaxing aroma is responsible for cooling and nourishing the body, and also cleansing to the blood. Passionflower is too aromatic, it works as a mild painkiller, helping the body to relax further and accept the healing work of this oil

This potent combination of herbs is provided in a blend of milk and white sandalwood oil. Known for relaxing mind by influencing circulatory and nervous systems, White Sandalwood provides to this mixture of herbs, making it work effectively yet harmoniously upon the pitta of the body.

In addition, this mixture is very important in the treatment of dry, irritated, or inflamed skin for a healthy skin tone and complexion. Pitta Oil also regulated mind and nerves, aiding in complete relaxation. By manifesting stress and agitation this oil is great for a massage treatment and intended to heal both skin and heart.

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