Ksheerabala Oil Organic 200ml


organic Sesame oil is processed with : Bala (Sida cordifolia), and Cow’s milk (Ksheera)

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Ksheerabala Oil Organic 200ml

Ksheerabala oil is a simple but potent formula blended to ease the nerves and sooth deep and chronic pain in the lower back and head.

A decoction of bala in black sesame oil and milk, Ksheerabala unites the grounding and sattvic qualities of black sesame oil with the nourishing and rejuvenating qualities of milk. As a very powerful herb, it is supposed to be mixed with milk and sesame oil before use.

The roots of the bala plant are squeezed for taking the juice out for Ksheerabala oil. A singularly powerful nervine, Ksheerabala penetrates deep to the source of nerve and muscle pain by alleviating an aggravated pitta. This oil is also helpful in reducing burning in the skin and with conditions such as fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis Sesame oil, the most sattvic oil and is well suited as the final partner in this trio. Being heating in effect brings balance to the cooling natures of both bala and milk. The combination of the warming effect brings comfort to the joints and muscles while its sweetness augments the nutritive effects already present in the milk. Furthermore, the cornucopia of vitamins and minerals present in sesame oil give a very grounding effect on the often erratic vata. It is particularly effective in treating lower back pain as found with sciatica or nervo-muscular pain as found in chronic migraines. However, also useful also for a variety of health issues like arthritis, rheumatism, general joint pain, burning of the skin and nerves, insomnia and nervousness. It is both deeply healing and toning and softening of the skin, and a great oil for any deep tissue healing massage.

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