Coconut Oil 200ml


Coconut Palm (kalpavriksha) is a deriver of many products for mankind use than any other tree in the world. Popularly uses for the manufacture of oil, Coconut oil is used as cooking oil, hair oil, and body massage

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Organic Extra virgin Coconut oil

Origin India

Bio-Medical’s signature Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil you know and love – packaged in a eco-friendly reuseable 400ml Secure Clasp Jar! After you’ve finished using your oil, you’ve got yourself a handy storage unit to store your flours, grains – anything! An essential, stylish pantry item!

Bio-Medical’s signature Coconut Oil is 100% raw, certified organic coconut oil which is gently extracted from fresh coconuts harvested in South Asia using cold-pressed methods. Very few coconut oil products on the market are in the same league as our affordable yet high quality oil. Try for yourself today!

Our revolutionary packaging and secure-clap lid has been created to ensure minimal risk of leakages.


Take 2-3 spoonfuls of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil daily

Use coconut oil as a replacement to any unsaturated (and therefore unstable) or processed cooking oils

Include a tablespoon of coconut oil in your hot beverages, juices and smoothies

Enjoy a tablespoon of coconut oil with warm water and a squeeze of lemon first thing in the morning

Include coconut oil for its rich, creamy texture in a range of both cooked and raw food recipes and desserts

Refrigerate coconut oil until it becomes solid (below 26 degrees) to use as a healthy alternative to butter or margarine spreads

Apply coconut oil topically as a body and face moisturizer

Use coconut oil as an all-natural lip balm

Apply coconut oil topically to skin irritations or fungal conditions

Dab coconut oil on a cloth to use as a furniture polisher

Apply coconut oil to the hair and leave for at least 3 hours as an all-natural moisturising treatment

Coconut oil is safe to add to pet’s meals



100% Certified Organic, Cold-Pressed Raw Virgin Coconut Oil

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