Brahmi Oil Organic 200ml


Brahmi oil, a perfect massage oil for a soothing head massage. It eases tension, giving clarity and aiding concentration.

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Organic Brahmi Oil 200ml

Brahmi oil is an imperative oil in Ayurveda, famous for its unwinding back rub, resolving anxiety. It is frequently favored oil for head rubs for its alleviating impact. A delicate head rub with this oil before going to couch can work out sleep deprivation, nervousness and apprehensive irritation. It is particularly prescribed for somebody on machine for a more drawn out time.

Bearings for use: Apply to the head one to twice a day. High temperature up or warm delicately in your grasp and apply on your scalp as any back rub oil. Permit it to get consumed into your skin, typically takes an hour or thereabouts. Later, wash off in a warm shower or shower if needed after utilization.

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