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Orange Peel Powder Organic


Orange Peel Powder Organic

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Orange Peel Powder Organic 100gm

Orange Peel Powder is an old remedy rich in Vitamin Cthatcanbeusedinyour daily routine. The citric acid content in the orange peel helps in brightening your skin ii
naturally and giving you a glow.
Ingredients:100% Organic Orange Peel Powder (Citrus Aurantium Dulcis)
Why Are Oranges Good for You?
Orange Peel is considered a boon for Hair and skincare due to its anti-bacterial and
anti-microbial properties, which help treat acne and oily skin. Orange peel, if applied to your scalp, helps reduce dandruff. It helps in reducing the growth of bacteria on
the scalp. Massaging the peel powder can remove flaky skin and improve circulation on the scalp.

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