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Neem Wood Eye Wash Cup


Safe and hygienic way to remove eye impurities

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Eye Wash Cups

Safe and hygienic way to remove eye impurities

Made from 100% organic Neem wood, filled with natural healing properties; skilfully crafted, maintaining the wood’s original contours; eco-friendly and biodegradable.
A Smooth oval shape, without any sharp edges; perfect shape to fit comfortably on the full eye contours and ensures hassle-free eye cleansing; smooth polished surface.
Cups have a broad stand for ease of use and hold the liquid till you are ready – a cup can hold about 10 ml of liquid for thorough cleansing.

Directions of use:

• Rinse the cup with lukewarm water immediately before each use.
• Avoid contamination of the rim and inside surfaces of the eye cup
• * Fill the cup half full of water and apply the cup to the eyes, pressing tightly to prevent spillage
• Tilt the head backward. Open eyelids wide and rotate eyeball to thoroughly wash the eye.
• Rinse the cup with clean water after each use.

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