Neelibringadi Oil


Neelibringadi, an herbal hair oil based on Sesame & Coconut oil, which gives luster and a pleasant smell to hair.

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Neelibringadi Hair Oil 200ml

Neelibringadi is an Ayurvedic herbal hair oil based on Sesame and & Coconut oil that gives luster and a pleasant smell to hair. An affective hair oil that prevents hair loss and dandruffs, and fights premature greying of hair, Neelibringadi also has a soothing effect on brain and nervous system, a great stress buster

This oil’s healing power are extended deep into the blood, calming and soothing an overactive pitta.

An important ingredient in this hair tonic is Bhringraj, which literally translates to ‘the king of hair’. A powerful and well-rounded tonic for the plasma, blood and bone marrow, and all other causes of hair growth and color. It neutralize the body over-heated by a hyperactive pitta, drawing out toxins and restoring balance to the blood. The sweet effects of Bhringraj nourishes and restores the blood and skin bringing a natural and healthy tone to the surface and the hair.

There are number of herbs to support and augment the effects of Bhringraj, most important being: Amalaki, Brahmi, and  Neeli (Indigofera tinctoria). Amalaki is a powerful herb that is helpful in balancing of pitta and general rejuvenative effects. Its cooling and sweet effects renders as a strong ally to Bhringraj like enhancing ojas, the life force, increasing the general vitality of all tissues. Neeli (Indigofera tinctoria), a pitta alleviator and a supporter of rich and colorful hair regeneration. Brahmi, the savior of mind and nerves, is also cooling but unlike the rest, it is bitter. A great restorer of calm and clarity of the mind, relieving stress and preventing further.

A key constituent of this tonic, Coconut milk, the only milk other than human breast milk to contain lauric acid. When turned into monolaurin by the body it works as an essential anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Thus cleansing the blood and skin of scabies, a common cause for chronic dry scalp and dandruff conditions. Neelibringadi oil is the forces combining the greatest allies to the skin and hair. A cooling and cleansing effects on the blood for restoring natural hair growth from the bottom up, while nourishing ingredients enhancing body and mind balance. ᅠ

Key Benefits of Neelibringadi Hair Oil:
•Encourages rich and full hair growth
•Stops premature greying and hair loss
•Calms Pitta
•Restores healthy shine to hair
Suggested Use: Apply to head before bathing leave for 20-30 minutes  then wash.


1.    Coconut oil

2.    Sesame oil

4.    Neeli (Indigofera tinctoria)

5.    Bhringraj (Eclipta alba)

6.    Shatakratulata (Cordispermum helicacabum)

7.    Amalaki (Emblica officinalis)

8.    Yastimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

9.    Gunjamula (Arbus precatus)

10.   Daruharidra (Coscinium fenestratum)

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