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Myaxyl Oil 60 Ml


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Myaxyl Oil 60 Ml

Helps with knee pain: Myaxyl Oil is known for its pain

Myaxyl Oil is made with the following ingredients:

Nandi Vriksha (Crepe Jasmine): Crepe Jasmine helps optimise Vata Dosha and can help relieve knee pain.
Devadaru (Deodar): This is one of the most graceful ciders and offers relief from inflammation.
Rasna (Lesser Galangal): Rasna is a natural herb known for its Vata pacifying properties. It can help manage body pains.
Lemongrass Oil can help ease muscle pain.
Eucalyptus Oil is a warming oil and helps improve blood circulation.
Tila Tel (Sesame Oil) is one of the best oils known for optimising the three Doshas, also aiding the process of pain relief.
All the ingredients are cooked together to form a thick, non-sticky, and easily absorbable Ayurvedic oil for knee pain and spasms.


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