Junior Prash 500gm


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Baidyanath Junior Prash is specially formulated for growing children. It is enriched with natural Vitamin C and Calcium and can be used throughout the year and is not restricted to use only in winter. The parents are looking for health, immune and memory-enhancing product for their school going growing children. Baidyanath promises not to let them down. Junior Prash is an ideal product to meet the requirements and the result will speak for itself. It contains Brahmi, Shankhpuspi and Banslochan, besides the usual ingredients of a normal chyawanprash.

Junior Prash can be given to the children in the age group of 4-12 years. Taste is very palatable and is being appreciated by all age group of children

Chyawanprashavaleha, Brahmi (bacopamonnieri), Sankhpushpi (evolvulusalsinoides), Banslochan(bambusaarundinacea), Kakrashingi(pistaciaintegerrima), Nagarmotha (cyperusrotundus), Bhumiamla(phyllanthusniruri), Honey

One teaspoon once a day.

• Shankpushpi: Improves mental capabilities and enhances learning ability. Keeps mind sharp & alert.
• Amla: Increases body immunity to fight against cough & cold. Helps improves eye sight. Rich natural source of vitamin ‘C’.
• Brahmi: Enhances memory power, Combats general debility & mental weakness.
• Banslochan: It is a natural calcium that strengthen bones.
• Kakrashingi: Strengthens the respiratory tract Increases strength of the body and activates the digestive system.
• Nagarmotha: Improves digestion. Curbs infection and helps purify blood.
• Bhoomi Amla: Helps in blood formation. Prevents fever, viral fever, chronic fever & jaundice.
• It restores the balance of antibodies, which increases the body’s resistance to germs and bacteria. The anti oxidants in it help neutralize the harmful effect of today’s hectic living


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