Chandanadi Oil

Chandhanadi Oil


Chandanadi Thailam With Organic Black sesame oil (Ayurvedic Massage Oil)


Chandanadi Oil


Chandandi thailam is enriched with sandalwood oil, this age-old Ayurvedic thailam has been used in the treatment of urticaria and other skin . Helps to relieve itching. Chandanadi Oil is pitta pacifying, cooling and soothing massage Oil.

This is a wonderful cooling oil, excellent for Shirodhara and as a head oil, as well as for massage. Chandanadi is popular among Pitta types, and among those desiring relief from agitation and other Pitta emotions. When applied on the head it provides a calm, peaceful and refreshed mental state. It offers relief from insomnia, fever, headache, tension and burning sensations.

Ingredients: Coconut water, Black sesame oil, Wild asparagus, Bacopa, Aloe, Licorice, Coleus, Vetiver, Indian gooseberry, Indian sarsaparilla, Teaweed, Sugarcane, Cluster fig, Cuban laurel, Sacred fig, Banyan, Indian madder, Giant potato, Ashwagandha, Five flame bush, Indian lotus, Indian crocus, Blue water lily, Wild Himalayan cherry, Indian stinging nettle, Sacrificial grass, Wild sugarcane, Holostemma, Golden gram, Vigna.

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