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Black pepper Whole Organic



Peppercorns, the fruit of Piper nigrum, an evergreen climbing vine that produces black, white, and green peppercorns

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Organic Black Pepper Whole 100gm

Dark Pepper is sharp and warming, regularly causes impactful vipaka or Post digestive taste. It is well-known in Ayurveda to decline vata and kapha, and build pitta. What’s more, it is likewise helpful for enhancing assimilation, hack, worms, and advancing strength of lungs and the heart.
1. For roughness of voice, attempt ¼ a teaspoon of dark pepper powder and a teaspoon of ghee. Consume gradually, after lunch and supper.
2. For hack, attempt ¼ a teaspoon of dark pepper powder and a teaspoon of nectar after supper.
3. For constant fever, make a tea of 1 teaspoon of heavenly basil or “tulsi” and a glass of heated water. Include ¼ a teaspoon of dark pepper powder and a tea spoon of nectar. Have it 2 or 3 times each day.
4. Looseness of the bowels can benefit from outside intervention with 1 glass of lassi and 2 squeezes of dark pepper powder, mixed well and taken twice a day.
5. For long stomach agony, attempt a mixture of a squeeze of each one dark pepper. This can be taken orally and connected on influenced zo

♥ Made with 100% certified Organic Herb.
♥ No Heavy Metals.
♥ No Added Artificial Flavours.
♥ No Chemical preservatives.
♥ No Pesticides.
♥ No genetically Modified Crop Material used.

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