Ayurvedic Oil Pulling

Ayurvedic Oil Pulling


Ayurvedic Oil Pulling

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Ayurvedic Oil Pulling Mouthwash ( Swish Oil ) 200ml

**Now Available In Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Or Organic Sesame Oil

Ingredients: Swish oil is prepared out of Clove oil and peppermint oil, and base oil.

This Ayurvedic Oral Pulling process combines the ancient Ayurvedic philosophy with today’s natural science. It is the Ayurvedic belief that while swishing the oil on a daily basis it will “detoxify” and “pull” toxins from the body. Also includes antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties.

Some of the benefits include:

Benefits of Oral Pulling:
*Whitens Teeth
*Helps keep the mouth moist
*Detoxifies & prevents plaque build-up
*Strengthens Teeth and Gums & Jaw
*Prevents Decay
*Oral Malodor
*Cracked Lip

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Oil Base

Organic Sesame Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil