Almond Energy Organic 300gm


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Almond Energy Organic 300gm

The complete Ayurvedic health drink for the whole family. It is refreshing and vitalizing and can be drank in all seasons and for all age groups.

Almond energy is a drink for the young, the sportsperson and the old. Created from an age old recipe and perfected by Maharishi Ayurveda. Almond energy contains Almonds and Poppy seed for vigor as well as Winter cherry, Centella asiatica, Cardamom, Sugar and Essence of caldera.


  • Almonds, winter cherry, Centella asiatica, cardamum, sugar and essence of caldera.

Direction of use:

Ideally add 1-2 teaspoons of Almond Energy to warm/ cold milk or water as per taste. Do not add sugar.

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