Vata Oil
Vata oil with 50% Olive oil and natural fragrance ( Spa standard)

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Vata oil  with 50% Olive oil and natural fragrance ( Spa standard) 

Vata oil, an one of a kind home grown that soothens, saturates, and warms the Vata constitution. Vata constitution is have a tendency to be cool, dry, and assail with apprehensive vitality. In India, this oil has been utilized for quite a long time for restoring essentialness to the Vata skin. Key for evacuation of poisons, and to enhance the course, it likewise feeds dry and got dried out skin, particularly amid the breezy, dry and frosty seasons.

A perfect solution for sore, exhausted, immature musclesn. Sesame which contains expansive measure of vitamins and minerals, additionally the regular additives: Sesamol and Sesamin. This oil brings offset to the Vata dosha and in the individuals with a high vata vikrut. This home grown oil gives oil and food to the skin, bones and nerves, and just oil competent to infiltrate seven layers of skin to support interior films and tissues.

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