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Haritaki is the basis for triphala or the three fruits: haritaki, amalaki and bibhitaki

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Haritaki Capsules (100% Certified Organic by USDA, Control Union and India Organic)

Vata Rejuvenator & Kundalini Awakening Herb

Botanical Name: Chebulic Myrobalan / Terminalia chebula

Sanskrit Name: Haritaki, because it carries away (harate) all diseases

Part Used: Fruit

Ayurvedic Energetics: VPK=

A rejuvenator for Vata, regulator of Kapha and the aggravator of excess Pitta, HARITAKI is popular for its astringent and unpleasant taste. It feeds the brain and the nerves, imparting the energy of Shiva (pure awareness).

Haritaki is the basis for triphala or the three fruits: haritaki, amalaki and bibhitaki. It improves absorption, improves voicebox and vision, and helps in longevity. In addition, scrapes ama away from the tissues.

Haritaki is effective at regulating colon and, according to dosage, corrects either constipation or diarrhea. Also raising prolepses of the organs, checking extra discharges, including cough, sweating, spermatorrhoea, menorrhagia, and leucorrhea.

There are few ayurvedic herbs having the range and power of Haritaki, a potent purifier of the body, that effectively mitigate the cold and erratic nervousness of vata imbalance. A gift of Himalaya, it is serving humanity for ages.

Suggested Use: It's given with jaggery during the summer, rock salt during the monsoon, sugar in autumn, ginger powder in early winter, long pepper in late winter and honey in spring.

Suggested Dosage: 2 capsules twice a day after meals.

Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) fruit powder packed in a Vegetable cellulose capsule. 500mg organic herb per capsule.

♥ Made with 100% certified Organic Herbs.
♥ No Heavy Metals.
♥ No Added Artificial Flavours.
♥ No Chemical preservatives.
♥ No Pesticides.
♥ No genetically Modified Crop Material used.

Certified as organic by “LACON GmbH-Germany”
Herbs produced according to NPOP standards, NOP(USDA) and 
EC regulation 834/2007&889/2008(EU) , 
LACON Certification no. - 45820

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