Herbal Bathing Powder

A substitute for soap

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A substitute for soap. prevents and treats skin diseases. Give brightness and softness to skin. Can be used in dandruff and hair falling. Ideal for prickly heat and black heads.

Can be used alone or with hot or cold water for bathing or as lepana by mixing with water , rose water or milk creme.

BringarajaEclipta alba1g

BalaSida cordiflia1g

ArishtakaCardiospermum halicacabum1g

MudgamPhaseolus mungo1g

SireeshamAlbezia lebbeck1g

AkshaTerminalia belerica1g

MusthaCyperus rotundus1g

MamsiNardostachys jatamansi1g

CheevikaAcacia concinna1.2g

ChanakaCicer arietinum1.2g

NikunchikaAcacia instia1g

VanaharidraCurcuma aromatica0.6g