Amla fruit, Grape fruit, Cardomom seed, Long Pepper fruit, Cassia leaves, Cinnamon bark, Haritaki fruit, Guruchi stem, Adenophora root, Sandalwood, Beech Bush bark, Bel bark, Bittersweet whole, Black Gram whole, Cyperus root, Devils Claw fruit, Indian Kudzu root, Kem

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Kerala Ayurveda Chyawanprash


Chyawanprash is a delicious traditional Indian food supplement made from fruits, spices, herbs, Ghee (Clarified butter) and honey. It is renowned as a pure and natural nutritional tonic that tastes amazing. According to legend, the recipe was created thousands of years ago as a rejuvenating elixir by the ancient sage Chywana. Literally translated as “Chywana’s jam” this rich paste contains some of Ayurveda’s most nourishing herbs including Amla Fruit or Indian ‘Gooseberry’ – a potent natural source of vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Made in the time-honoured way by slowly mixing the specially selected Indian herbs together over several days, Kerala Ayurveda Chyawanprash contains only the best ingredients and is free from any artificial preservatives.

A rejuvenator whose properties are many and varied. Its primary ingredient, Amla, or Amalaki, is exceedingly high in Vitamin C and anti-oxidant properties and is considered the best Rasayana for the Pitta dosha, though Chyavanaprasam is recommended for people of all constitutions. It improves immunity and builds tissue and vigor. It treats general and sexual debility, as well as the decline resulting from old age. It is a tonic for the brain, heart, eyesight, digestion and especially the respiratory system. It arrests degeneration and aging at a cellular and metabolic level. It protects the liver and treats cough, lung infections, emaciation and constipation.

Ingredients: Sugar, Indian gooseberry, Ghee, Honey, Sesame oil, Arrowroot, Ashwagandha, Wild asparagus, Giant potato, Long pepper, Snapdragon tree, Aael tree, Stereospermum, Indian trumpet flower, Headache tree, Uraria, Desmodium, Aerva, Solanum, Puncturevine, Teaweed, Indian crocus, Vigna, Golden gram, Long pepper, Crab's claw, Cardamom, Leptadenia, Grape, Elecampane, Hogweed, Red snakegourd, Tinospora, Malabar nut, Nutgrass, Cinnamon, Indian cassia, Indian ironwood.

Recommended use: 1 Tbsp./15 gm. twice daily.