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What are the three of Doshas?

3 Ayurvedic Doshas and their Energies – The Tribe Concepts

The Body needs balance, weather it is mental, physical or spiritually the three Do help determine what Dosha we are.

It is common to be a mix of one or the other or in soem cases, all three!


  • Naturally athletic frame
  • Tendency to gain weight
  • elements of earth and water makes them compassionate and loyal
  • When inbalanced they can become unmotivated and stubborn
  • Tend to have slow metabolisim
  • thrive in new environemtns, people and occasional fasting


  • Medium Build
  • Dominated by fire which results in one beign strong, intese and irritable
  • Prone to various skin condition like rashes, sun burn and reddness
  • Can comprehend new skills concepts fairly quickly
  • Can suffer from inflamation, rashes, acne andloose stools


  • Thin and lanky frame
  • Mentally and physically active
  • Enjoys social gatherings
  • when imbalanced they can get anxious and ungrounded
  • Tend to have mood and appetite change dramatically if element air gets the better of them