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Organic Bringaraj Oil

What is it?

Bhringraj literally means the “king of hair”; it restores the hair with the vivid color of a humming bee. A tridoshic herb it treats hair loss and discoloration from the root, helpful in balancing pitta and clarifying the blood. Though Bhringraj wide application, it has taken a central role in the treatment of hair related conditions both in Ayurveda and modern medicine. Mixing with sesame oil, Bhringraj herb is most suitably mobilized for external application in the treatment of the hair. It is a powerful vehicle for the application of the benefits of Bhringraj as it helps to sooth the head and nerves and bring about a thorough relaxation that treats hair loss and greying at the root of the problem. ᅠ

Bhringraj is a tridoshic oil, traditionally used for improving hair growth and better sleep. Bhringraj oil is widely used for massaging purposes such as scalp and feet. A head massage also cools the head and calms the mind and prevents premature graying and hair loss.

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