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Haircare – with herbal and organic Products

We all have a different head of hair – or in some cases no hair at all!

Hair care starts from the root which is why is why scalp care is just as important.

Below are some habits that you can make for healthy hair and a healthy scalp.

  1. Know what type of hair you have – this will help determine what hair routine and products best suit your hair.
  2. Use natural shampoo, cleansers, and conditioners – Commercial shampoo may smell great but can strip your hair of its natural oils leaving it dry and prone to Splitting. I find hair cleansers that are free from parabens and sulfates perfect for a deep wash without leaving my hair high and dry.

**Cleansers are usually sulphate free and more gentle then conditioners and shampoos, they also act as a 2 in 1 hair wash**

3. Having a nutritious and balanced diet. Eating right is a major factor for healthy hair, having a balanced diet can reflect on skin, weight, and even hair. Lean meant, poultry, beans, fish, and low fat – dairy products are all great food Groups for your hair. incorporate foods that are high in omega like flax seed, salmon, and yogurt.

4. Oiling your hair. I don’t mean drenching your hair in oil and make a trip down to the shops. Use herbal light oil ( depending on your hair type ) at the roots of your hair giving it a deep scalp massage. Scalp massages are scientifically proven to promote hair growth as it increases blood circulation around the head. Depending on the product instructions, you may have t leave it on for 20 minutes, 1 hour, or even overnight. gently brush through your hair top to bottom in the shower with lukewarm water.

Neem comb is wide toothed which is great for scalp massage’s gentle brushes. Neem also acts a revitalizer and is a anti fungi herb.

** Avoid extreme hot/cold showers**

5. Get a trim every 8 weeks ( at least ). 1 used to be petrified of getting my hair cut so of course I would avoid it – logically my hair grew long but after a while it was longand UGLY. My ends were split and the becuase of the dead weight it had no volume.

Ayur Organic top Hair care products!

Amla & bhringaraja hair cleanser
Amla ,Bhringraj which is an excellent hair tonic and reetha which is an excellent cleanser – all come together in one solution to fight with your hair problems and give that natural boost to your hair.

Amla Bringaraj Shikakai hair cleanser
An all natural hair cleanser blended with gentle Ayurvedic herbs which are traditionally used for cleansing and conditioning. Regular use will effectively purify scalp, help strengthen, soften and restore flexibility to damaged and dry hair. Help hair grow beautiful, silky and lustrous.
Bringaraj Oil Organic
Bhringraj is a tridoshic oil, traditionally used for improving hair growth and better sleep. Bhringraj oil is widely used for massaging purposes such as scalp and feet. A head massage also cools the head and calms the mind and prevents premature graying and hair loss.

Hair Herb Mix wash
Intensive fresh hair growth treatment that adds natural strength, shine and color. Used to cleanse
hair and scalp. Just mix with water and lather on all over hair